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Formagraft® Bone Graft Substitute

Formagraft® Bone Graft Substitute is comprised of highly purified type I collagen and hydroxyapatite /β-tricalcium phosphate granules. It functions as an osteogenic stimulus to which the patient’s bone marrow may be added prior to implantation. The bone graft mimics the composition of natural bone and is biocompatible. Formagraft® Bone Graft Substitute provides an osteoconductive environment for new bone formation. When coated with autogenous bone marrow, the osteoinductive and osteogenic properties of Formagraft® Bone Graft Substitute enable it to be used as a substitute for autograft, thus eliminating the need for second site surgery and its associated attendant morbidity, harvesting-related complications and pain.
Proven safe and effective
Easily shaped during surgery

FormaGraft® Granules, 5 cc 5010005
FormaGraft® Granules, 10 cc 5010010
FormaGraft® Granules, 20 cc 5010020

FormaGraft® Strips
4 mm x 15 mm x 22.5 mm (2)


FormaGraft® Strips
4 mm x 15 mm x 45 mm(2)