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ViscAid® Ophthalmic Viscoelastic

ViscAid® is a sterile, non-pyrogenic, ophthalmic viscosurgical device prepared of the non-in_ammatory, high molecular weight fraction of sodium hyaluronate.

ViscAid® is indicated for use as surgical aids in ophthalmic anterior and posterior segment surgeries including intra-/extra- cataract extraction with or without implantation of an intraocular lens (IOL), intraocular lens implantation, keratoplasty / corneal transplantation surgery, glaucoma filtering surgery, and surgical procedures to reattach the retina. ViscAid® has also been used successfully as a vitreum replacement after vitrectomy and retinal detachment surgery. Due to its lubricating, transparent and viscoelastic properties, ViscAid® aids in maintaining a deep chamber and visibility during anterior segment surgeries, while allowing for more efficient manipulation and implantation with less trauma to the corneal endothelium and other surrounding ocular tissues. ViscAid® may also be used to coat an intraocular lens as well as the tips of surgical instruments prior to implantation surgery. The corneal endothelial cells and surrounding tissues are protected from possible damage arising from surgical instrumentation during ophthalmic surgeries. ViscAid® also preserves the tissue integrity and good visibility when used to fill the anterior or posterior segments of the eye following open sky procedures.

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0.40 cc 1.5% Sodium Hyaluronate


0.55 cc 1.5% Sodium Hyaluronate


0.80 cc 1.5% Sodium Hyaluronate


1.00 cc 1.5% Sodium Hyaluronate