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Make Up Remover Series
Double-layer makeup remover, dual makeup remover oil (dry or wet use), refreshing makeup remover oil, deep cleansing makeup remover lotion, makeup remover cream/gel and various types of makeup removal products with different functions.
Cleansing Series
Cleansing lotion, cleansing cream, cleansing gel, cleansing foam and various types of cleansing products with different functions.
Exfoliating Series
Exfoliating gel, exfoliating scrub (physical or chemical), exfoliating cream
Toner Series
Toner, jelly toner, spray toner and various types of toner with different functions
Essence Series
Essence, essence gel and various types of essence with different functions
low allergic cream, various types of cream with different functions
Men’s Care
After shave hydrator, after shave gel, oil-free cream, moisturizing gel, astringent lotion, various types of men’s products with different functions
Sunscreen Series
Sunscreen cream (UVA & UVB), sunscreen spray
Body Care Series
Body wash, body exfoliating scrub, massage cream, body spray.
Hand/Foot Care Series
Hand wash, moisturizing hand cream, foot scrub
Special Care Series
Cosmetic equipment inducted gel, seaweed body mud.