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Quality System

Skincare Facility
 ● The quality system of MBI's skincare facility not only meets  
  international standards but also become the first skincare
  manufacturer in Taiwan to receive Voluntary Cosmetic GMP
  (ISO 22716 equivalent) certification. In 2016, the quality
  system of MBI has continuously been certified by Voluntary
  Cosmetic GMP.

Biomedical Facility
 ●  MBI's biomedical facility is in compliance with international
  norms, and has been certified by ISO9001/ ISO13485/GMP.
 ●  In 2009, MBI's biomedical facility passed FDA inspection with
  no observations
 ●  In 2015, the facility passed the FDA inspection once again.
 ●  In 2016, MBI's biomedical facility passed KFDA inspection.
 ●  In 2016, MBI's new biomedical facility in Hwa-Ya technology
  park is certified by GMP